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More Information about Gardenscapes


There are lots of platforms available online to entertain people all around the world. Gardenscapes is one of them, and it is the best online garden related game. The players can play the game in their leisure time to utilize it properly. The main task in the game is to customize your garden in order to remain long. There are lots of characters in the game and also various other things like hundreds of matches and various areas of a garden. It is recently launched by Playrix Games, and its size varies with mobile.

 Online Multiplayer Game

Gardenscapes is an online multiplayer game, and you have to play it with friends and other random players all across the world. The game is most liked by people, and more than over 1 million people play it every day. The gamers have to connect the game to Facebook and invite their friends in order to earn more in-game currency.


The game includes in-game currency which is very important to buy some necessary stuff and things. There are two types of in-game currency in the game which are as follows –

  • Coins – These are earned by playing more matches and are used in buying some important items.
  • Stars – It is the main currency in the game as it is used in buying some items related to garden and related to your avatar. These are earned by completing more and more daily objectives, challenges and get Gardenscapes Cheats.


Gardenscapes contains a wide variety of avatars which the gamers choose according to their choice. The users are free to choose their favorite character and play the game properly. Gamers can also get an option to customize their avatar also. They have to upgrade their avatar in order to increase its skills and abilities to play well in the game.