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Hustle Castle – role of medieval King in the game


Tasks to do for the player – The game of Hustle Castle takes us back in the medieval time of the kings and queens. That’s why the game does not need any introduction itself. The player of the game is the king and lord or whatever you like to say. The will of the player is the role and regulation of the game. Game of Hustle Castle can be started by building the Castle and palace of king.

Here player needs to update the Castle time to time with the advancement of time and game. Player can also keep army, soldiers and train them and send them for battle against the enemies and nearby kingdoms. To crush the other kings, player of Hustle Castle can take help of Hustle Castle Cheats especially designed for the player who is new to it.

Role of King or lord of Hustle Castle game

The game king or lord can do many things as per the will and wish. Such as holding and building castle and palace. Having troops or soldiers can defend player’s kingdom. Soldiers can also go for battle for the player to defeat other kings and occupy their area. King of Hustle Castle can also enlarge his kingdom by merging other kingdoms.

Building rooms and upgrading – player of the game can build new rooms and upgrade them with new material and decorate them as well.

Arrange missions – the player of hustle Castle can also arrange many missions and complete them. And can defeat orcs, skeletons, giants and dragons in the missions.

Develop citizens – player has to develop cities and citizens. When people learn new skills and talents player gets game currency.

Resources – player needs to have as many resources as he can get and Hustle Castle Cheats help in that.